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Our law firm maintains consistency with what we say and do daily with all our cases and clients. We don’t pretend to be someone we aren’t, and we don’t throw out settlement numbers just to get your case. We are reliable, responsible, accountable, and resourceful and this shows in our performance as a law firm. We are here to help you.


Mr. Cohen has over 28 years of experience helping clients secure the benefits that they deserve. Whether it be an injured worker seeking medical treatment or loss wage benefits, or a loved one in need of addiction treatment, Mr. Cohen is skilled in his profession as a knowledgeable attorney that truly cares about his clients, and it shows in his daily activities.


Mr. Cohen has been practicing law for over 28 years in the state of Florida and has been a unblemished member of the Florida Bar since 1993. Mr. Cohen is highly qualified as a Workers Compensation attorney as well as a Marchman Act attorney. Mr. Cohen has expertise based on a deep level of knowledge and having a 28-year commitment to these areas of law that he practices.

The Law Offices of David M. Cohen, P.A.

At The Law Offices of David M. Cohen, P.A. we represent clients throughout the state of Florida. Our claim of having experience means something different. It means we work on Florida worker’s compensation cases every day. It means we don’t just talk the talk, we actually go to Court and fight for injured workers when employers and insurance companies do not provide the medical care and money our clients are entitled to. It means when it comes time to settle your case, the insurance company’s attorney knows we have been down this road before and they can’t short change us.



Have you been injured on the job while working for a Florida employer? Do you need legal counsel to navigate the workers’ compensation system, hold the insurance company accountable and obtain all the benefits you deserve? Perhaps you were hurt in a car wreck or another type of motor vehicle accident and need a caring, experienced lawyer to protect your interests.

What if the workers’ compensation insurance company hired a doctor who has now said that your injuries were not work related? What if the workers’ compensation doctor found that your work injury was really a pre-existing condition. Or did you have a pre-existing degenerative condition?, or that your injury was instead due to a degenerative condition? How do you know that your employer and workers’ compensation insurance company are telling you the truth? And what are they not telling you? How much is this costing you?

At The Law Offices of David M. Cohen, P.A. we will speak with you about your Florida workers’ compensation claim and give you thorough, reasoned advice regarding whether or not you need to hire an attorney.


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